Past Programs

National AIDS Resource Center

An essential part of such a response is social and behavior change communication, regarding prevention, treatment, and care to enhance the ability of individuals and communities to make healthier choices. Recognizing this need, in December of 2002, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (JHU·CCP) to establish the AIDS Resource Center (ARC) in Addis Ababa. ARC began as a resource center, mainly providing multimedia materials. From these humble beginnings, over the years ARC steadily extended its geographic reach, diversified its communication channels and expanded its programmatic focus. Underlying all of ARC’s work is its commitment and mandate to support Ethiopia’s HIV/AIDS prevention and Control Office’s (HAPCO) efforts to reduce HIV in the country and ensure people living with HIV are living life to the fullest extent possible.


Some of the programs and activities that were run by NARC include: 

  • Library/Clearinghouse
  • Building Media Capacity
  • Special Events
  • Wegen Talkline
  • The Fitun Warmline
  • Information Technology
  • TA for RARCs
  • Outreach with SBCC Materials
  • The Youth Media Program
  • Betengna Radio Diaries
  • ART Communication
  • Campaigns
  • Multiple Concurrent Partners
  • Male Norms
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