Helping people make healthy choices has been the goal of CCP since the beginning. Our programs reflect our core belief that social and behavior change communication (SBCC) is key to solving the world's most pressing health problems. We are a pioneer in SBCC for health and are widely acknowledged as a leader in the field. Our work combines innovation and creativity with grounding in theory and evidence. Fundamental to our approach is our understanding that behaviors and norms are grounded in a complex socio-ecological context —i.e., behavior doesn’t occur in a vacuum – and that successful programs require communication interventions at multiple levels. 

We also believe that knowledge gives global health professionals the power to improve health systems and save lives. In low and middle-income countries, global health professionals encounter many barriers to accessing information and exchanging knowledge — ranging from time constraints and connectivity issues to lacking reliable or trusted sources of information. We have the passion for social knowledge management for health and development by connecting health professionals around the world to each other and to the knowledge and expertise they need to do their jobs well.

We believe social and behavior change communications is both strategic, cost-effective and efficient in addressing some of the most stubborn health problems.  However, health communication tends to take the back seat in the making of policies and programs. Through a wide range of capacity strengthening activities, CCP seeks to develop a cadre of public health professionals who are well-versed in strategic communication. We take a blended learning approach to capacity strengthening: we believe that formal training, combined with hands-on opportunities, provide the richest and most sustainable path to health communication capacity.

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